The Smith and Wesson 4506-1 Christmas Present

Anyone who is into classic firearms certainly can appreciate the third generation Smith and Wesson autos.  The reliability of these beasts led to many law enforcement agencies using them as their standard issue sidearm during the 1990s.  These guns were also used in shows such as Miami Vice and movies such as Training Day.

Like most gun enthusiasts there is always that one firearm that seems to elude you and for me that gun was the Smith and Wesson 4506.  I had visited several local gun shops for quite some time and had not been able to locate one.  I was able to find a couple online but it was clear from the pictures that they were well worn in and not worth the price being asked.

The 4506-1 is an all stainless steel handgun with a reputation of reliability and good looks.  It is an all metal handgun in a world of polymer newcomers.

I had asked a friend of mine who owns a local gun shop if he could help.  Being the friend that he is and someone who has helped me in the past locate a particular gun, I knew if anyone could locate one it would be him.

Occasionally I would stop by his shop or call to see if he had been able to locate the one I wanted and for a while he didn’t have any luck either.  I had almost given up until one day when I stopped by his shop and he told me someone was wanting to trade a Smith and Wesson 4506 for something else he had.  I couldn’t contain my excitement.

He had taken some photos of it that he was quick to show me which only peaked my interest.  He had looked the gun over himself knowing that I only wanted one that was in pristine condition.  He gave me a price range that he was working on with the person who had the Smith and I told him to let me know as soon as he got it.

Only to have my hopes once again nearly shredded the individual who had it didn’t return for some time and I once again had nearly given up hope of getting my hands on it.  Of course, I didn’t know what was happening behind the scenes.

I was surprised to receive the Smith and Wesson for Christmas from my mother.  It seems that she had drafted my friends at the gun store into helping her make this a Christmas surprise.

The day after Christmas while dinner was cooking, I was overcome with anticipation and slipped outside with a box of shells and a target to fire a few shots from my new toy.

The Smith and Wesson 4506-1 is a very reliable handgun.  It may be a little heavy for some people but I find that it is just right to get outside and through some big heavy 45 slugs down range.


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