Drawing from a Holster, Pistol Shooting Drills for beginners

One of the worst mistakes that many people make is that once they get their concealed deadly weapons license they never practice with their firearm.

Proper skills do not develop on their own just because someone gets their license.  You must invest the time into training to properly develop those skills.

A great way for someone to start their training is by practicing drawing their pistol from a holster and firing an accurate shot.

Your first responsibility is to build the habits of safety into all of your training.  You do not need to injure yourself while training to protect yourself.  When you train using safe firearm handling techniques you build habits of safety that will easily transition into safe handling under stress.  Make it a habit to be safe with a firearm. 

If you cannot properly draw a firearm from its holster and shoot an accurate shot under a controlled environment, it will be virtually impossible to draw a weapon from concealment and accurately shoot when you are under stress.

Being able to draw and shoot from an open holster is the foundational principals for being able to draw from a concealed holster.  When drawing from concealment, you are also moving clothing or other items out of the way in order to get your hands on that firearm.

Taking the time to learn the basic techniques will make it much easier when you practice drawing from concealment.

It’s also a good idea to practice shooting a target that isn’t directly in front of you.  Most threats will not come at you head on.  Those threats can come from the side or from behind and your training should reflect real world possibilities.